Tony Stiff is a graduate of Westminster seminary, a friend, and a solid young thinker.
— Dr. Scot McKnight, Professor at Northern Seminary
Many will cite Tony’s keen mind or winsome communication style as his greatest strengths, but I appreciate most his earnest desire to grow and mature through self-reflection, inviting feedback, and listening well.
— Dr. Chuck DeGroat, Professor at Western Theological Seminary, Holland, MI
Tony was one of my most creative and forward looking students...I expect him to excel in any future academic or ministry endeavors that lay ahead of him.
— Dr. Daniel Ebert, Professor at Trinity International University
Tony possesses the unique ability to engender growth and development in those he manages. He does this primarily by conducting himself in a manner worthy of being emulated.
— Dr. Max Botner, PhD University of St. Andrews, and N.T. Wright's research assistant
Tony was a real blessing to me and to our congregation as a worship leader, preacher and friend. His messages were thoughtful and well-presented and he was always able to connect with the people in the pews.
— Rev. Dr. Robert L. Smith, Rubislaw Parish Church of Scotland
For seven years Pastor Tony served our church family with great skill, love and grace.
— Rev. Dr. Jim Barstow, my Supervisor at Centerpoint Community Church
Tony was exemplary in all he did at our church and a tremendous asset to our church leadership.
— Pastor Heath Watson, my Supervisor at Grace Christian Fellowship
I believe Tony’s gentle nature coupled with his passionate love for the Kingdom of God are a great ministry combination. Anthony is passionate about faithfully understanding Scripture, passing that understanding on, and then seeing, by the power of the Holy Spirit, that understanding change and transform lives.
— Pastor Mike Hollenbach, my Supervisor at New Life Dresher Church