The church I serve as Senior Pastor is Christ Presbyterian Church. It has between 350-500 in worship on a weekly basis. It is located in the West Valley of Phoenix. In the Fall of 2018 I took them through a media update which included moving them to video sermons in December. Now every Sunday their worship services are are now live streamed to their Facebook Page. Below are sermon examples of from Christ Presbyterian Church, Centerpoint Community Church, and Rublisaw Parish Church of Scotland in Aberdeen, Scotland. To see more of my video sermons please visit my Vimeo account:

Christmas Eve, 2018 at Christ Presbyterian Church

Easter, 2019 At Christ Presbyterian Church

Example of Team Teaching with my Wife, 2019 at Christ Presbyterian Church

Below are some of the more popular sermons I preached at Centerpoint Community Church, located in Northern Sacramento. I was an Associate Pastor for seven and a half years with them before relocating to Aberdeen, Scotland to pursue a PhD. The Church has a congregation between 1,000-1,200 in worship every Sunday. The congregation meet  in two different venues, at four service hours. The samples below are from the video recorded sermon in the Contemporary Worship Services. To see more video sermons from Centerpoint visit my Vimeo account:

Examples from a Series in Proverbs at Centerpoint

Other Sermon Examples From Centerpoint

A Manuscript Sermon Example From the Church of Scotland in Aberdeen