I was born in Los Angeles but grew up on the East Coast in Clearwater, Florida where I later met my wife, Jessica. We have two children, Cali and Liam. Jessica has served as a full-time missionary with CRU leading teams in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and has directed Marriage Ministries, led Women’s Bible Studies, and served in Children’s Ministries over the years. She also has done graduate studies in Biblical Counseling. In the past she has worked as an HR and HRG for two Fortune 500 companies, and served as a staffing agent with Watermark. In 2019 she launched her first staffing company called Care Talent Network.

I have been in ministry for over 20 years serving outside several cities areas across North America (Tampa, Philadelphia,  Atlanta, Sacramento, and Phoenix). I have been an ordained Pastor in the PCA, EPC, and ECO, and have led weekly worship for congregations as large as 1,200 people. In 2018 I became the Senior Pastor at an ECO church called Christ Presbyterian Church located in the West Valley of Phoenix, AZ ( to visit the church website click here).

I am also currently finishing a PhD in Practical Theology at the University of Aberdeen, working under John Swinton as my Advisor (more below regarding this degree). I have a DMin from Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI where I worked under Dr. Chuck DeGroat as an Advisor. I have an MDiv from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. I have presented theological papers in North America at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA and at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI. I have also presented theological papers in the U.K. at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland; at Westminster College, Cambridge, England; at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland; and I have a paper proposal accepted at Durham University, England. To see my CV you can visit my Academia.edu page by clicking here

In August, 2017 I began a PhD in Practical Theology at the University of Aberdeen.  My Advisor at the University of Aberdeen is Dr. John Swinton. Professor Swinton is one of the most widely followed practical theologians in the church today, and is also one of the most influential disability theologians. The project I am working on under Swinton focuses on developing a theology of food-related disabilities in light of the Christian tradition. I am researching food and the body in the Corinthian epistles; food, the care of the sick, and hospitality in the monastic tradition; and food and communion in a few select early reformation Eucharistic theologies. During my year of residence studies in Aberdeen, Scotland I served as a "Minister Without A Call" in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. I assisted pulpit supply needs in the Aberdeenshire Presbytery of the Church of Scotland and co-lead a mid-week worship service with individuals with intellectual disabilities. 

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In August, 2018 our family moved back to America to the West Valley of Phoenix, AZ where I serve as the Senior Pastor of an ECO church called Christ Presbyterian Church. The church is in rapidly expanding area of the West Valley. It has 350-500 people in worship depending on the snowbird season, and offers two different worship styles (Traditional and Contemporary).